Don’t worry much about Santa Claus

And so the year comes to an end just like that, in spite of the warning from the calendar. And life once more means packing bags, catching a bus, a train, a plane, shuffling through doors with signs on the opposite end: anything to declare. Yes. my self.

Focused on the destination this time, not wanting the journey. In fact, if only I could sleep and conjure up home in my dreams and boo, be there, would be so much better. But then isn’t much of life always about the journey anyway? How can one skip that? So, just wishing my readers, friends, family and all, a wonderful time. There won’t be much on this blog but hope you can pick that book you’ve promised yourself for some years and just read it. Gift yourself. Don’t worry much about Santa Claus. I’ll be back in the new Year perhaps with more to say. Now a poem I received from Kadija George, written by Simon Murray, published in Red Anthology, a collection of Contemporary Black British Poetry. Enjoy.


dear santa
i would really like an afrikan baby
like brad and anjelina has
and maddonna
but just for weekends
as im still at school
a boy would be best and i like the fat bellys
but no flys please
if you dont have any left
then an i pod would be ok with tv and films on it
and this would be good to buy me becos
if you get a red one which is my favorit color
bono from u2 and gizell who is gore gorg gorjus
will stop afrikan aids
wich is really bad
you could also get me a red motorola mobile with tv and video messages
and other stuff too like an armarni watch converse sneakers and gap clothing
but i wouldnt be allowd the red american express card until im older
i have been good this year
and ive started to eat brocerley
and i bought two wite braselets to make poverty history
merry cristmas
love from simon

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One Response to Don’t worry much about Santa Claus

  1. darlane mabel k. t. January 19, 2010 at 4:27 am #

    hey gal, good to catch up with you in 2010
    may what you see and hear come through yr pen so that we can see it as rich as you do and hear it as sound as you do.
    wish you all the best and may you have to write more than ever.
    love, sis

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