Trayvon, Did You Know…


I tend to be doing tributes nowadays.

Issues like social justice, citizenship, truth and fairness continue to inspire my literary pursuits.

This afternoon while I was starting my computer I heard the song, Mary, Did You Know, only the name wasn’t Mary but that of Trayvon Martin’s mother. I went ahead and wrote this poem for Trayvon, his mother, and the rest of us who care. You’ll realize I’m not trying hard to be original. Just using the canvas that’s already available to me.


Did You Know

Sybrina, did you know

that your baby boy would one night walk out of your reach

and not return

did you know that your baby boy would lose his life in cold blood

in your heart, did you know the night he died

did you hear his cry before he screamed for help

a cruel man following him to his end

that child you delivered, held in your arms and said angel, my angel

has come to make you old as the hills

did you know he would soon be murdered?

did you push away your food,

did you pull your hair, did you wring your arms

did you say, no, oh, no, it can’t be true

my angel boy is still alive.


Trayvon, did you know

that your blood would flow before you turned 18

did you know what you’re worth

did you know that death would kiss your baby face

the night you walked to your father’s lair

did you know that seven-eleven would be your last grocery stop

that your hood would be your doom

your screams return to you without the help


Trayvon, did you know

that your head would be dead on the cold cobblestones

to plead for justice the jury would seal you

in forever why

did you know, oh, oh, did we know a perfect lamb, a sacrifice

would die for all of us so we could know your worth

do we know, oh, oh, oh, do we know what you’re worth

do we know, do we know



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  1. TJH September 13, 2013 at 10:01 pm #

    Very moving.

    • MB September 13, 2013 at 10:35 pm #

      Thanks, T

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