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Kony 2012 is just what we needed to spin us into action

With all the questions and buzz around me about Kony 2012, I can’t help but add my say. And am going to offend some people, I know, but can’t help it. This is one of those moments when I can claim my Ugandaness in full–as if it is contested! Just to show my perspective. And here I’ll add a… Read more

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Jackee Budesta Batanda

Happy Times With Jackee B Batanda

I’m touring Cambridge, Massachusetts with my friend, Jackee Batanda, giggling on the streets and recalling when we first met in 2000 at FEMRITE–The Uganda Women Writers Association–where we both used to work. Aspiring writers. Eleven years down the road been quite a journey, full of… Read more

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Meet Beverley Nambozo the poet

It’s a pleasure to have a conversation with one of my favorite poets, Beverley Nambozo. I like what she does with eroticism in her poems. She certainly takes it to an art form. It’s rare to come across good erotic poetry…. Read more

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