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Birmingham Postcard and The Promised Land

Here’s a tribute to Black History Month first published by Zocalo. It’s a mini account of my observations and experiences in Birmingham, my first time to visit the Civil Rights Museum, the 16th Street Baptist Church, and meeting the god of forge. On a Sunday, in that baptist church with its red… Read more

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Kony 2012 is just what we needed to spin us into action

With all the questions and buzz around me about Kony 2012, I can’t help but add my say. And am going to offend some people, I know, but can’t help it. This is one of those moments when I can claim my Ugandaness in full–as if it is contested! Just to show my perspective. And here I’ll add a… Read more

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The word is “self curate or die”

The title, “Self curate or die,” is a quote from the main character in Dana Spiotta’s novel: Stone Arabia. A wonderful book that I’ll feature in detail some time. Just happy to meditate on that particular quote which my prof. and pal, Arthur Flowers, has embraced on his webpage. I’m so… Read more

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Patrice Lumumba

I sing Patrice Lumumba on the 50th Anniversary of his assassination

Fifty years ago when the youngest and most hopeful American president at that time was inaugurated (JF Kennedy), the youngest and most visionary leader in Africa was assassinated (Patrice Lumumba)…. Read more

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