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The world of Angela Carter and Nalo Hopkinson

I think one of the pleasures of great literature is to come to the end of a story and realize that you’ve read it before, but something magical, fantastical, or darker and absurd has been added to it. That’s the joyous feeling I get when I read Angela Carter and Nalo Hopkinson. I recognize their… Read more

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The Needle Poems of Jennifer Grotz

I’m excited about introducing Jennifer Grotz, who is coming to read as part of The Raymond Carver Reading Series. A year ago I discovered her poetry book, Cusp, accidentally really, when I was in Bird Library randomly looking for interesting poetry books. I removed the book from the shelf and… Read more

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José Eduardo Agualusa, remarkable Angolan writer

Now to my really favorite writer, North of Limpopo, South of Sahara, West of the Atlantic and East of Indian Ocean, José Eduardo Agualusa. I know it sounds like an exaggeration but there are many reasons to love this writer. His writing is fresh air in the real sense of the word. You only have… Read more

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Africa without Madagascar is like soup without salt

When I was in primary school, our geography teacher made us draw on the blackboard maps of various regions. By the time I was in primary seven, I could draw the Rhineland, curves of the Tennessee valley authority, Africa, East Africa, North America, South America, Australia and so on. Europe… Read more

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Blaise Cendrars' portrait by Amadeo Modigliani (1917)

One long poem of Blaise Cendrars

Had a good afternoon with Blaise Cendrars, one of the finest Swiss poets in my opinion. Reading him is like finding the right rhythm to a song. I enjoy his long poems especially. I think he’s one of the few poets whose very long poems rock and you hardly feel their length on your time. You can… Read more

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Patrice Lumumba

I sing Patrice Lumumba on the 50th Anniversary of his assassination

Fifty years ago when the youngest and most hopeful American president at that time was inaugurated (JF Kennedy), the youngest and most visionary leader in Africa was assassinated (Patrice Lumumba)…. Read more

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Elmina Castle, Ghana

One writer’s postcard (the Pan African Literary Forum in Ghana)

I’ve been wanting to write this for a very long time—a new post for my blog. Every time I’ve sat before my computer I’ve been overwhelmed by how much I have to sieve through. I am thinking I’ve been under a writer’s block of a different kind—finding myself with too much… Read more

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