Remind Me of What We Have

Today is the last day of class and it coincides with the passing on of my father. Exactly one year. I’m filled with warmth and gratitude for all the love and comforting presences of my friends and family. There’s this phrase playing in my head again and again: Remind me of what we have. I find it appropriate. It’s like a complete poem and much as I do not fully comprehend what it’s about, I think it’s my message to my friends and family to always remember today and the next day, moment to moment, what we truly have and to be reminded when we begin to forget. We are blessed.

Dad, this is for you.


There’re days I wish to bring you back

and I do. Until the present presses firmly

into my skin like a sponge. Soaking up

the hours of childhood, adulthood

adjusting memory’s trick to wind

everything back to before, my palm in

yours, walking, talking, laughing, being us


Do you look down, do you look up, at us

and wish you were here too, with us?



This is for me when the wound was vibrating


You have carried home

what I adore

morning and evening I’m arched

like a rainbow bowing before you

I have nothing but brokenness

to receive. [Even] if you could speak

what could you possibly say

that comforts?


This one below ties us back to what matters now,

for my loved ones, family and supportive network

Remind me of what we have


Of what we have

What we have

We have


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  1. Darlane Mabel K. July 19, 2017 at 2:42 pm #

    Amazing how you wrap up the whole world, the past, present and future. …just in a few whole life giving words.
    Live on sis.

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