Reading for pleasure, the deliciousness of it to surprise you.

One of those moments at Wash park, Denver.I haven’t read for pure pleasure in a long time. I’d almost forgotten the feeling, the thrilling joy of the gullible trip. This means I’ve lately been reading with alloyed delight, having all kinds of intentions in mind: discovery, study, theory,… Read more

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Pursued by “Love After Love”

Derek Walcott’s poem: “Love After Love” has been pursuing me for the last couple of months. I’m beginning to understand why. Today when I was thinking about this month’s blog post, it occurred to me that I should write about that poem and how it has stalked me in mysterious ways. I call it stalking… Read more

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Current African Literature Sample

Lining up for books at the African Writers Trust International Conference in Uganda, 2015. Left to right: Melissa Kyeyune, Jennifer Makumbi, Goretti Kyomuhendo, Jackee B Batanda, and yours truly. AWT imageOften I’m asked, besides Chinua Achebe and Amos Tutuola, which other African writers should… Read more

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Ofi Press Magazine interview

Thought I should share an interview in the International Poetry and Fiction from Mexico City. To read, click this link to the site of Ofi Press Magazine. In company is Zdravka Evtimova,  Sayed Gouda, among others. The poetry section has samples of my poems and others from around the world…. Read more

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What we remember: chickens, cows, dogs.

the road homeThis post is about chickens, cows and dogs. It is dedicated to my family and composed of threads that my siblings and I have come up with. Sometime back I wrote about how we remember, inspired by the way memory and imagination work to recreate past narratives. Then, I didn’t… Read more

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Changing My Mind and Other Readings

At a library in MemphisWhere did reading take you this year? is how goodreads posed my 2015 in books. So I’m going to share my reading list which is likely to extend into 2016, and ask you dear reader to share yours too.Making and exchanging reading lists is one of the ways to stay engaged with… Read more

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On Milan Kundera–Ignorance, The Odyssey, and Teju Cole

I did not read The Unbearable Lightness of Being but watched the movie instead. As all movies adapted from great books, I was left wondering what I had missed. Later, when I had a chance to read The Curtain, I underlined almost every sentence. I loved the plot summaries of all the books that… Read more

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Creativity, Exile and Extraterritoriality

As part of my ongoing research, I’m fascinated by how much of old and new literature is made by writers living in exile and/or the Diaspora. Not all exile is motivated by political circumstances but involuntary departure from one’s native land and eventual settlement in a new country characterizes… Read more

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This year so far: Caves, Caverns & Garden of the Gods

Cornell Univ gardenMy year always begins and ends in August. Overall, this has been an exceptionally abundant year. I’ve felt productive in my personal and professional life, and the challenges I’ve encountered have demonstrated that problems and solutions are different sides of the same coin…. Read more

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The Liminal in Ali Smith continued

Picture taken outside Memphis library, Tennessee, May 2013 David Whyte in his book, Crossing the Unknown Sea, suggests that, “at the threshold of loss, we look back to gain a glimpse of the nature of anything we have ever held in our hands.” After reading several works of Ali Smith: Hotel… Read more

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