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A Drop of Blood

The day I got my first period,
Mother exclaimed;
You’ve become a woman!
And so I wondered,
What had I been earlier?
And how could a drop of blood
Make me a woman?

When they took my brother to the circle,
He flinched at the feel of a sharp knife.
But the elders convinced him;
‘You must not fear
Do not show any cowardice
Once we slice off the skin
You become a man.’

When mother was heavy with Junior,
She would rush off the table
And run to the sink.
The day she was taken to hospital
A bag of water dropped to the ground,
Then a drop of blood.
Father cried, ‘Woman!’

I read in the Holy Scriptures
How the Son of man was crucified
Before he breathed his last,
Water and blood flowed out
There he became man,
Who was God.

I guess there’s something in a drop of blood,
That makes us men and women.



Borderless Africa

He says
We are a continuous stream
Not a classification
There isn’t a you, me or the other
We are us.
Borderless Africa
Borderless Africa.
They say
Before time began
We were,
Now the cord is broken,
Dismembered from the source.
Borderless Africa,
Borderless Africa,
Connect us again
We cry for you.



The Call

Come to the edge, he said
It’s dangerous there, I answered
Come to the edge, he said
It’s risky, I might fall and break my bones
Come to the edge, he said
I did,
He pushed me,
And I flew.

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