Graduation April

I’ve been silent this April, trying to wrap up the semester nicely, my last in Syracuse. We’ve had an active weekend of graduation full of emotion. Unbelievable almost that the three-year program is over. Was only yesterday when we began. Now again time to pack the bags and explore new territories, new opportunities, new futures… Anxiety, joy, relief, patience, courage… considering the accomplished and yet to be, the known and yet to know. Calls to be made, networks revisited, even trying on old shoes if it comes to that, new feet. It’s all about the journey.

Fiction class of 2012. Wonderful people.

A moment of preservation and self-curating is necessary. Managed to capture a good one with my thesis advisor, George Saunders. So proud of the precious time and wisdom I’ve had to live on during my MFA period.

With George Saunders after my reading & grad


This last one with Arthur Flowers. I’ve been blessed to have him as my mentor and friend. We’ve shared so many ideas, stories, plans, encouragement, food, it’s hard to imagine a separation, not having to workshop anymore. We’ll have to figure out an online one. A luta continua.

With Arthur Flowers, griot of all times.

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