Cross-posting: Ugandan women’s rewarding pens

One of the rewards of being a night owl is getting to read the papers before the crack of dawn, and discovering familiar names in print. This journey we’re on, what a burden and joy at the same time! Often I wonder what goes on with other professionals. Do surgeons, for instance, ever get a chance to share their professional challenges the same way as artists do? Perhaps that’s one of the things that make us distinct, ha ha: Our cause goes beyond personal and is best seen as a collective. One voice is a tiny drop in the Nile; the more, the merrier. A pleasure to belong to this collective of female ovaries (I almost wrote ‘penists,’ but to honor one of my feminist friends who doesn’t approve of the word pens, being so close to…an ardent critic of images, shape and form…she’d say, hail to the ovaries, regarding women professionals.)

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