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Micere Mugo: young, beautiful and soulful

Ah, am sated. I’ve ticked the month of February off because it’s done. Finished. The Mugo celebration this weekend released dynamite it’s going to take a while to ‘recover.’ I’m not complaining. I’m commemorating…. Read more

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Amiri Baraka at 75 still hitting the gong strong

Let me begin with a confession: I love memorials. I’d never miss a memorial service, whether the person being celebrated, honored, and remembered is known to me or is a stranger. I just like being in the audience, bearing witness to the outpourings of unforgotten love, heroic deeds and all the… Read more

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A word about my new customized theme

I’ve been searching for a web theme that expresses stuff am passionate about. My previous theme: fallen leaves was a very good one because of the various shades and richness the leaves projected, not to say the philosophical underpinnings beneath fallen leaves, the connection to the human… Read more

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Lay down softly in our memory, Tajudeen.

We all have our appointed time with death. We realize early in life what fragile mortals we are. Yet, that has not robbed death of its sting, its intensity to shock us, to cripple us and even send us into denial because of its bluntness and greed. When I was told early this morning that Tajudeen… Read more

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