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Sukkoth/Sukkot/SukkahWe just celebrated the turning of mapleswith mapleshapedcookiesthe hopicecreamand appleciderIt occurred to me how it takes so little to celebrateBack home we only acknowledged big eventsI know whyBirthdays weren’t among the big events         But funerals were. And… Read more

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Paint the Quad poetry

When I was an undergrad many years ago my favorite expression with friends was, “Let’s go paint the town red” and red we did paint wherever we ended up. We were in touch with the spirit of freedom, a little bit of anarchy and tons of creativity. College, especially,  inspired that kind of liberty…. Read more

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Pursued by “Love After Love”

Derek Walcott’s poem: “Love After Love” has been pursuing me for the last couple of months. I’m beginning to understand why. Today when I was thinking about this month’s blog post, it occurred to me that I should write about that poem and how it has stalked me in mysterious ways. I call it stalking… Read more

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Current African Literature Sample

Lining up for books at the African Writers Trust International Conference in Uganda, 2015. Left to right: Melissa Kyeyune, Jennifer Makumbi, Goretti Kyomuhendo, Jackee B Batanda, and yours truly. AWT imageOften I’m asked, besides Chinua Achebe and Amos Tutuola, which other African writers should… Read more

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Changing My Mind and Other Readings

At a library in MemphisWhere did reading take you this year? is how goodreads posed my 2015 in books. So I’m going to share my reading list which is likely to extend into 2016, and ask you dear reader to share yours too.Making and exchanging reading lists is one of the ways to stay engaged with… Read more

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Go to the Limits of Your Longing, Rilke

Reading Rilke for me is like listening to a waterfall, coming from a far, distant and near at the same time. I took this picture of Taughannock falls in Ithaca, NY, on June 26, 2015. Since 2013, no other poet has spoken to me and demanded a life lived fiercely with quiet intensity like… Read more

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On “Donal Og” and How We Remember

Sharing with you my piece on the old Irish poem “Donal Og” and How We Remember, published by Zocalo. To access the piece, enter Zocalo site here…. Read more

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‘cannot read Edmond Jabès in a hammock

I tried The hammock being the latest development in my life. The latest delight. So I thought, I can now read everything while lying down in my hammock. I can enjoy the sunshine and cool breeze, I can enjoy the great Colorado outdoors and not miss catching up on my reading because I’ll be… Read more

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Translation of Susan Kiguli’s poems from Animal Portraits

One of the exciting things about creative collaboration is seeing old works in new print, form, version and language. In May, I’ll be taking part in the Spring 2014 Global Digital Humanities conference at Shantou University in China, and will conduct a poetry workshop and also participate in the… Read more

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Shortlisted Poems for the Brunel University African Poetry Prize 2014

Entrants to the prize had to submit ten poems. Here is a sample poem from each of the six shortlisted poets. VIOLA ALLO: From Farm to Schoolroom After George Ella Lyon I am from cassava, from mortars and pestles and grinding stones, from cracked corn, fried plantains, and pounded… Read more

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