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What we remember: chickens, cows, dogs.

the road homeThis post is about chickens, cows and dogs. It is dedicated to my family and composed of threads that my siblings and I have come up with. Sometime back I wrote about how we remember, inspired by the way memory and imagination work to recreate past narratives. Then, I didn’t… Read more

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This year so far: Caves, Caverns & Garden of the Gods

Cornell Univ gardenMy year always begins and ends in August. Overall, this has been an exceptionally abundant year. I’ve felt productive in my personal and professional life, and the challenges I’ve encountered have demonstrated that problems and solutions are different sides of the same coin…. Read more

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Birmingham Postcard and The Promised Land

Here’s a tribute to Black History Month first published by Zocalo. It’s a mini account of my observations and experiences in Birmingham, my first time to visit the Civil Rights Museum, the 16th Street Baptist Church, and meeting the god of forge. On a Sunday, in that baptist church with its red… Read more

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Fanny Howe’s essay, “Bewilderment” is popular among writers. The word itself has a magical and mysterious charm.Visiting home after a long stay away, it has occurred to me that what I am seeing and experiencing is nothing short of bewilderment. It’s natural, I guess, to make comparisons, to… Read more

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Father poems that add to the love I feel for my father

In our young days. Baby me clearly with attitude, Dad: Patrick, in Kyambogo upgrading. I’ve had the honor and privilege to be “born of” a dad who seems to have known the right things to do when raising us. One could say as a child of 40’s, he was born in a culture and generation that loved… Read more

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Remembrance Day= Devotions

Because it is Remembrance Day, also known as Veterans Day, Poppy Day or Armistice Day, I’m not going to school but will take a moment of silence to remember all those who have died in the line of duty. I run to my hero, Thomas Sankara, perhaps the only military fellow I recognize as being… Read more

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Kony 2012 is just what we needed to spin us into action

With all the questions and buzz around me about Kony 2012, I can’t help but add my say. And am going to offend some people, I know, but can’t help it. This is one of those moments when I can claim my Ugandaness in full–as if it is contested! Just to show my perspective. And here I’ll add a… Read more

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Speak, Memory Revisited

The book that’s been on my mind as I revisit home and other once familiar places is Vladimir Nabokov’s memoir, Speak, Memory. Time is playing tricks on me, or places. I have particular memories of things/objects and incidents in particular places, cafes to be specific, that I find have been… Read more

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The Future of African Writing

Not written in stone but my view anyhow. Besides ambition, desire and will, places and incidents that have been critical in shaping and improving my writing have come through writing fellowships and residences. In the absence of a mentoring component that’s sometimes part of writing residences… Read more

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Don’t worry much about Santa Claus

And so the year comes to an end just like that, in spite of the warning from the calendar. And life once more means packing bags, catching a bus, a train, a plane, shuffling through doors with signs on the opposite end: anything to declare. Yes. my self…. Read more

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