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Rain in Dakar and the Pride of Barbados

It rained today. It also rained the previous night. I grew to love the equator zone where it rains and shines any moment any day. Here in Dakar rain is a mighty blessing, especially, if it arrives in the month of June. I got very excited when I looked into the sky today and realized it resembled my… Read more

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Blog Crunch

It isn’t only the economic crunch. I’ve been less productive concerning my blog, yet so lost in activity, the kind of activity that doesn’t produce much. When I try to update my blog, I turn on my computer and end up only changing the screen background. I can spend three straight hours… Read more

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My home sky ever so close.

I used to wonder why the sky appeared close when I was growing up. So close often I stretched my hand to touch it. Sometimes the swirl of white clouds in the blue sky looked like rolled up mats rested against the hills. I climbed one hill after another to go lie in those white mats. Other times the… Read more

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October Dawn.

In the Gregorian calendar, October is usually a dead month. Seasons come to an end. Even love affairs seem to end with the October heat, October cold. A lot of inactivity sets in. Before long October is hushed and swept under the carpet like it never happened. November is welcomed as it ushers in… Read more

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Elmina Castle, Ghana

One writer’s postcard (the Pan African Literary Forum in Ghana)

I’ve been wanting to write this for a very long time—a new post for my blog. Every time I’ve sat before my computer I’ve been overwhelmed by how much I have to sieve through. I am thinking I’ve been under a writer’s block of a different kind—finding myself with too much… Read more

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Africa in the here and now: the fate of MDG’s & undemocratic states.

When I was young and impressionable I had this grand vision of saving the world. It was so easy to dream up a free and fair world where sanity, justice and good health prevailed. It was even easier to engage in activities that could quicken the coming into being of those dreams. Now that I am… Read more

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