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Sukkoth/Sukkot/SukkahWe just celebrated the turning of mapleswith mapleshapedcookiesthe hopicecreamand appleciderIt occurred to me how it takes so little to celebrateBack home we only acknowledged big eventsI know whyBirthdays weren’t among the big events         But funerals were. And… Read more

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The marriage of movement and stillness

I’m driving to Craggy Gardens when a baby bear leaps out of the woods on the right side of the Blue Ridge Parkway. I’m not driving fast on the snaking, hairpin bends, so it’s easy to slow down and watch the little black bear. I’m excited because it’s the first time I’m seeing a bear…. Read more

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Summer snapshots in Asheville

  This view, free, is worth returning to again and again. Location: Looking Glass Rock, Appalachian Mountains–via Blue Ridge Parkway, Mt. Pisgah National Forest. Pic by traveling companion.Summer is my favorite season because of all the sun to harvest. Mountains to climb. The heat doesn’t… Read more

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Just a tiny, weeny bit about my father

The view from our yard in Kabale.May 1st When dad died I wanted to touch people. A few minutes after I got the news, I was thirsty, very thirsty, so I started drinking water and more water. Hours later, I wanted to hug people and just get lost in their warm, strong arms. Not just friends but… Read more

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Pursued by “Love After Love”

Derek Walcott’s poem: “Love After Love” has been pursuing me for the last couple of months. I’m beginning to understand why. Today when I was thinking about this month’s blog post, it occurred to me that I should write about that poem and how it has stalked me in mysterious ways. I call it stalking… Read more

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Current African Literature Sample

Lining up for books at the African Writers Trust International Conference in Uganda, 2015. Left to right: Melissa Kyeyune, Jennifer Makumbi, Goretti Kyomuhendo, Jackee B Batanda, and yours truly. AWT imageOften I’m asked, besides Chinua Achebe and Amos Tutuola, which other African writers should… Read more

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What we remember: chickens, cows, dogs.

the road homeThis post is about chickens, cows and dogs. It is dedicated to my family and composed of threads that my siblings and I have come up with. Sometime back I wrote about how we remember, inspired by the way memory and imagination work to recreate past narratives. Then, I didn’t… Read more

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Changing My Mind and Other Readings

At a library in MemphisWhere did reading take you this year? is how goodreads posed my 2015 in books. So I’m going to share my reading list which is likely to extend into 2016, and ask you dear reader to share yours too.Making and exchanging reading lists is one of the ways to stay engaged with… Read more

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Creativity, Exile and Extraterritoriality

As part of my ongoing research, I’m fascinated by how much of old and new literature is made by writers living in exile and/or the Diaspora. Not all exile is motivated by political circumstances but involuntary departure from one’s native land and eventual settlement in a new country characterizes… Read more

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This year so far: Caves, Caverns & Garden of the Gods

Cornell Univ gardenMy year always begins and ends in August. Overall, this has been an exceptionally abundant year. I’ve felt productive in my personal and professional life, and the challenges I’ve encountered have demonstrated that problems and solutions are different sides of the same coin…. Read more

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